Popular Baby Names of the Eighties!

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Popular Baby Names of the Eighties!

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:55 pm

What baby names were popular during the Eighties?

The trendy name of the 1980s was Ashley, a former boy's name and the name of a popular character on The Young and the Restless. Along with Ashley came a crop of "soap opera" style names that reflected the yuppie materialism of the day. Classrooms filled up with Brittanys, Courtneys, and Whitneys.

Old Testament names became popular again, starting a trend that would continue into the 2000s. In the 1980s, Sarah was #5, Rachel was #16, and Rebecca was #22. However, after overuse during the Baby Boomer years, Deborah fell out of vogue.

Trendy newcomers of the 1980s included Justin, Ryan, Brandon, Kyle, and Tyler. Two traditional names that rose to the top 10 were Matthew and Christopher.
Traditional names for boys still ruled the charts. Michael remained #1, and James, John, Robert, and David remained very popular.

Old Testament names for boys became much more common-- a trend that continued into the1990s and 2000s. Joshua rose quickly to #4 in the 1980s. Along with the ever popular David and Daniel, other common choices included Benjamin, Adam, Joseph, and Jacob (which skyrocketed to the top 10 in the 1990s).
Irish names were popular for boys as well, especially Kevin, Keith, Sean, and Patrick.


Postby colbuki » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:52 am

what's funny about my name is although there are a TON of Kim's of various forms... Kimberly, Kimberley, just plain Kim I believe I am the only Kim I know who is NOT a Kimberly Ann. that was THE combination for first and second name then.

We had at one point here an abundance of Kim's... anybody else have a different middle name than Ann?
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