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Postby Guest » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:22 am

Good Morning GTOL:

Twice a day or more, I am busy deleting people that are trying to register (or should I say invade our little community) with everything from drugs to porn or send us to a website (where God only knows what is there), if someone truly wants to be a part of the GTOL, they must satisfly us that they have a connection to Georgetown by either giving their name, telling us about their schools, work place or sports team or group they belonged to in town.
As for the Websites, perhaps you the members might share sites that you feel might be of interest to someone, then I can add them to the LINKS page.
I see some of our members are off to some neat places for vacation, it would be great if they could share some tips and some hi-lites with us.
Have a great day!

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