George Kennedy School Graduating Class 1965

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George Kennedy School Graduating Class 1965

Postby Phantom Gtowner » Wed Jul 14, 2021 2:40 pm

George Kennedy Graduating Class 1965: Doug Unsworth, Doug Hoare, Bob Melcombe, Fred Harris, Allistair Moore, George Sellmer, Paul French; Susan Taylor, Cindy Cooper, Lesley Gillett, Janice McDonald, Yvonne Holloway, Isobel Lieder, Sandra Dubien, Diane Holotiuk, Marilyn MacKenzie; Debbie McQuarrie, Coby Camman, Cathy Mundy, Brenda Hulme, Marlene Stoddard, Maureen McGuinn, Susan Price, Diane Kirkwood, Valerie Coburn, Susan Howard; Gordon Kitchener, Jim Pew, Donald Reyce, Peter Ming, Brian Williams, Bob Fendley, Martin Fowler, Dwayne Hay, Steven Howard, Sandy Findlay, Philip Sykes and Jack Camman.
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