iPics are images that have been rendered in Adobe Flash, using SWiSH, a software package that makes Flash objects much easier to create. Flash objects cannot be hosted in the Georgetown Photo Gallery on flickr.

They include School / Class pictures, Street Maps of Who Lived Where, Newspaper articles, etc.

These images allow you to run your mouse over faces / locations shown on the image and instantly see names / details about that face / location.

If you <right-click> on the images, you'll be able to Zoom In or Out, for a better view. If you've zoomed in for a better view, you can drag the picture around by holding down your left mouse key while you drag.

Some of them are very large and may take some time to download.

If you come across an image that has missing / incorrect / incomplete detail <click> on my name below and email me with the details.

Mark Llewellyn - May '13

<click> below to view the College View Street Map and see Who Lived Where.
<click> above to view the Normandy Boulevard Street Map, then <click> on the lots to see more detail, or <click> below, to view a SlideShow of the Normandy Boulevard Pictures
held in the Vault.