Welcome to Georgetown Online

Georgetown Online (GTOL) was created by Colin Ming and Don Fendley, in 2000. Colin dropped out a few years ago and in early 2010, Don turned over the day to day running of the site, to Al Darby (Website and Message Board) and Bonnie Courchesne (Photo Gallery, aka the Vault), but fear not, he's still with us.
The Don Patrol Lives!

In 2013 Mark Llewellyn took over from Al Darby, for the day to day running of the site.

Wilbur LakeIn 2006 and 2007, it played a major role in getting the Homecoming 2007 Reunion off the ground and is responsible for a several hundred reconnects of old friends.

The site is extremely popular and is visited thousands of times annually, by past and present residents. Members are spread all round the globe and all are fiercely loyal to our online community.

It boasts a Message Board, with hundreds of members that have over time, rehashed most of the history of Georgetown (and its neighbours, the Glen, Norval, Erin, etc., etc.).

It also hosts the Photo Gallery on flickr, an almost unequalled repository of photos and ephemera, including practically every yearbook produced by GDHS (even when it was only GHS).

We hope you enjoy yourself, while you're here, so take your time and visit as many pages as you can. Before you leave, please take a moment to visit the Guest Book page and let us know about your visit.

Mark Llewellyn

The left sidebar hosts an image rotator that displays iconic images of the town. Let us know, via the Contact Us page, if you have any suggestions for additions / changes.

It also contains links to additional pages, features and services.

The Message Board and Photo Gallery can be found in under Quick Links.

Additionally, there is a growing list of Facebook Pages that complement the website.

We also have a Twitter link, so you can follow the Message Board conversations.

For anyone that's interested, we provide free web space, powered by WordPress, for Members, Residents & Businesses of Georgetown. See the Member Sites page for more details.