The Legalization Of Pot

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The Legalization Of Pot

Postby Phantom Gtowner » Wed May 31, 2017 3:09 pm

Does anybody find it odd that now we're hearing about all about the health benefits of consuming marijuana? It's apparently very good for people like me with glaucoma or it can relieve tension headaches. Hey, it's great for constipation. Some may be even touting it as a cure for cancer, who knows? Just a few short years ago it was a dangerous recreational drug. Not that I really care but what is the truth? Legal or not, I won't be toking up anytime soon. It doesn't interest me. The only reason governments are legalizing marijuana at all is because they're broke. Thanks to our federal government reducing the GST by 2%, they have dug themselves a sizable hole to climb out of. You can agree or disagree but if you have any thoughts on this please reply.
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Re: The Legalization Of Pot

Postby Mark Llew » Wed May 31, 2017 4:50 pm

Hey Phantom!

How's it going?

I do have a couple of thoughts.

First, when you say "our Federal government reducing the GST by 2%" and having "dug themselves a sizable hole to climb out of", let's note that it was Stephen Harper who dug the hole (against a lot of expert advice, as usual) and it's Justin Trudeau who has to dig us out of it. A pattern I've observed, especially in the States, of conservative-type administrations creating big deficits and non-conservative administrations having to pick up the pieces.

Second, people like me who actually studied and researched drugs academically have never put cannabis in the category of "dangerous" -- it was always social conservatives (and according some, also racists) who made the fuss, with no evidence. For some time the evidence has been known for whatever beneficial effects that cannabis has, but the evidence never got much publicity -- it's not new.

Third, there's no question in my mind that the majority of Canadians are tired of kids and minorities (not to mention many others) being harassed and given criminal records because of a recreational drug that many know from their own experience is not a 'dangerous' drug.

Fourth, if there's money in marijuana, then let's have the government get that money rather than organized crime.

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Re: The Legalization Of Pot

Postby John_Bailey » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:19 am

I have a couple of thoughts too.
I wonder what the hell the government does with all the money they collect. Drop the GST by 2% what about when it was 0%?
MJ is bad for you, well MJ was bad for you when she was a young Lady too. :lol:
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Re: The Legalization Of Pot

Postby JulieJane » Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:06 am

The things that bother me a tad about all this are the terms "medicinal" and "recreational". Same was touted about liquor. A hot rum toddy for a cold or sinus, etc. A shot of whisky if you were feeling faint, etc. So, really these terms for pot and alcohol cover the same "conditions". Except, that promoters of medicinal pot/weed/whatever, have a much longer list of the so-called "miracles" it can perform for what ails you. And we all know what pitfalls too much liquor consumption has.

However, who do you see marching in the parades to promote the wonders of pot......seemingly a bunch of hippie-like young people acting like they're all at one huge party. Leering at photographers, wearing strange hairdo's and weird clothing, prancing around yelling and falling over each other. I have never noticed "ordinary" people calmly participating, holding signs showing what ailment they have that pot is curing them of.

So......I think something should be done to separate the two lines. Pot will be legalized for those who want to partake to "party" and get giggly and/or sit around bleary eyed and amorous (supposedly) - the recreational use. And the medicinal use whereby a person obtains a prescription from a doctor, goes to a sanctioned clinic and purchases their stash.

Will the totally recreational users also be card carriers and be able to buy their "party" stashes at these clinics? Will the Government separate the two factions? Can the Government do that? I listened to a report on a radio programme last year that stated that right now there are a ton of people who are card carriers for "medicinal" pot who paid a hefty fee to doctors willing to make huge bonus money, and these people just want the pot......period.

Medicinal, Recreational. Which is it ?
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Re: The Legalization Of Pot

Postby John_Bailey » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:11 pm

To me it's simple, drink all you want, smoke all you want. Just don't do it enough to be a burden on the medical system and stay off the roads.
I don't want my tax dollars being used to chase and lock up potheads or social drinkers.
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