New Member Registration Enabled

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New Member Registration Enabled

Postby Al Darby » Mon May 03, 2010 8:04 pm

I'm sure somebody will tell me why, but anyone wanting to become a "new" Member, had no way of doing so, as there was nowhere for them to [Register].

New Member [Registration] has been re-enabled.

To [Register], you must use a valid email address, or it won't work.

Generally speaking, we prefer that Members openly identify themselves, just so other Members know who they're talking to, but if you can make a good enough case for anonymity, we'll look after you.

You'll have to enter a security code when [Registering], this is to prevent "robots" from signing up and proliferating the board with spam, etc.

Once the [Registration] has been accepted by one of our Administrators, new Members will be free to post away.
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