John Clendening - Class of '77

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John Clendening - Class of '77

Postby Al Darby » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:08 am

Got a note today from John Clendening, former resident, whom many of you will know. Now residing in OZ, near Brisbane.

He registered in the GDHS Alumni (1971 - 80) and posted a note in the Guest Book.

John Clendening wrote:We don't actually live in "Brizzy" per se' but I am quite sure you never heard of a town 60 Kms West of Brisbane called,"Toogoolawah"
(Try saying that, three times.) In the beautiful brisbane Valley .That is where my wife and I reside in retirement.

I can send you some aerial shots of the place if you like.
You are right about our rabid disdain for , those "Mexican Mongrels" in the"South" .. Bloody oath and "Fair Dinkum" those Ratbags are a sorry lot!

By the way I don't watch or follow the sports. I was just "Having you on".

My "Take" on G' town.
From 61 to 78, Georgetown was the centre of my universe.
As I began to travel things changed but not my memories of old "G" town.
I pulled some creative pranks during my "Spares" at GDHS, disrupting the classes in the "French"wing I used to sneak down the hall and twang on my Jews harp ,causing the students to erupt in laughter.
I would then run like hell to escape the wrath of teaching staff.
Old Furlong could never catch me in the act but my deeds were announced over the P.A. (My first, but not my last taste of fame.or" Infame") The efforts doubled when Carl Neuman got one(Jews harp) and joined my ensemble. What great music we made! Whatta laugh!
Come to think of it, it is pretty tame compared to how the kids behave today.

As for Neil cotton He used to play for the Raiders . He taught me year ten science.
We all knew what a "Rapscallion" he was on the "Ice".Whatta scrapper!

If I had known he was such a "Hawk" fan I would have grabbed Ron's Autograph when we were on the Breakfast Show (City TV) in December 1992 before his Japan Tour.Neil almost looks like him in that photo. I haven't seen him (R.H.)since, as I've been out of the " loop" for over a decade.
Please Give Neil my regards.
Keep up the good work keeping this town on our minds.
Georgetown Rocks!
Al Darby
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