The King and His Court

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The King and His Court

Postby BonnieC » Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:30 pm

I added some new pics to the vault..Taken in 1998 at the Glen Park..
Eddie Feigner -the king and his Court vs Glen men's fastball

Theres a small story that kinda goes with this.
Growing up my dad played ball and umpired alot around southern ontario. And he often told us kids a story of how once they played against the king and his court and he got a hit off of Eddie Feigner the man himself. Of Course we barely believed him. You have to understand I heard this story for more than 25yrs..
So When they came to town to play in the Glen we were there!! I had remembered seeing the Queen and her Court play once when I was younger but I really want to see the King Hisself
The game was good, Eddie and his crew did their usual tricks and showed off for the crowd, it was very entertaining for everyone young and old.
Mid way through the game raffle tickets were sold for a chance to go to bat against the court. 3 luck batters were to be chosen from the crowd..
Of course I wanted my dad to finally put his money where his mouth naturally he got one of them and the other went to my hubby...and you know what...Dad GOT A HIT!! At 63 yrs old and So did Andy!!

So the pics are there for you to enjoy...

Sadly Eddie passed away in 2007
here's a list of his stats

Eddie Feigner - "King of Softball"

Eddie Feigner traveled more than 100 countries and entertained over 20,000,000 fans as the King and His Court. Best known as the King of Softball, Eddie has showcased his pitching skills by striking out Major League Baseball stars Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Maury Wills, Harmon Killebrew and Roberto Clemente in succession.

During his playing career, Eddie Feigner:
* Logged over 3.5 million miles
* Recorded more than 141,000 strikeouts
* Pitched in 10,000+ games
* Pitched 238 perfect games
* Pitched 1,916 shutouts
* Pitched 930 no-hitters
* And recorded a total of 8,270 victories.

Eddie Feigner is listed by David Schoenfield, ESPN sports editor, as one of baseball’s greatest pitchers of all time along with Walter Johnson, Bob Feller, Christy Mathewson and Sandy Koufax.

*Statistics referenced are for the period of 1946 through 1998.
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Re: The King and His Court

Postby Petitbois » Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:51 pm

That's a great story, Bonnie, and a wonderful memory for your family.
Thanks for the pics, too!
We were at that game, and I was trying to remember if I took my camera. (if so, where the heck are my pictures?)
There was a great crowd that night, and you can see lots of people on the bridge watching the action.

As a kid I always tried to catch games on tv that featured The King and his Court. Eddie had a massive pitching arm, and his statistics are almost unbelievable.

In your pics we were pleased to see Joy's mom, Vi, and my mom, Gertie, sitting together behind home plate. Along the first base line are two nephews, Mike and Matt Haines. And in the centre field parking lot is Jeff's white dump truck, with Haines family members Scott and Karen, Phil, Chris and Lynn sitting in the back, enjoying the elevated view.
I wonder if anyone has pictures of the actual game that they could post.
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Re: The King and His Court

Postby BonnieC » Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:10 pm

Thanks PB
I wasn't quite into taking pictures back then as I am now..I hope you can find some pics of the game and post them.
I did find the programme from the game and here's a list of the "Glen Williams Men"'s team.
Jack Poot Sr
Jack Poot Jr
Rob Clarke
Doug Crawford
Dean Currie
Brent Burley
Dan Hope
Dave McLennaghan
Mike Park
Chris Perrin
Jessie Ward
Dave Ward
Murray Maw
Dave Auld
Dave Felder
Brad Fisher

And a Guest Roster of
Tom Dickinson - Alma
Rob Wood - Alma
Steve Barry - Erin
Rod Humphery - Erin
Aubrey Schmidt - Erin
Mickey Conlon
Don Felder
John Felder
and Jeff Kuenzig

If anyone had contact with any of these guys maybe we can get some more pics to add
A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into. - Ansel Adams
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