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Postby Guest » Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:43 pm

Commemorative T-Shirts
Available by order now.


The t-shirts have the Homecoming logo in colour on the front. All six bands are listed on the back on top of a silhouette of the Memorial Arena.

• T-shirts are white and are of a good quality.

• Proceeds from the t-shirts will go to the Library expansion.

• Cost is $15.00 per t-shirt.

Place your order by July 24, 2007 so your shirt is ready for you when you pick up your registration package. Please send your request by email with your name, address, phone number, size(s) and the number of shirts required.

Please email Dianne at:

Order form!

Postby Guest » Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:48 pm


NAME: __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: _________________________________________________

NUMBER OF SHIRTS AND SIZES: ___________________________________

I understand each t-shirt will be $15.00. (Just say YES) _________

Forward it to Dianne with the information typed in:l Dianne at:

Just highlite body of this post, copy it and paste into email, fill it out and send it to Dianne ASAP before the 24th to have them available for pick up at HOMECOMING!

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